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Introduction to the Masters Community


The Masters Community by Collaborating Docs Masterclass is for the Advanced Practice Clinician who wants it all: more money, more freedom, more happiness

Whether you’re a new grad or a seasoned clinician, the Masters Community is your shortcut to success. You’ll get access to world class entrepreneurs, personal attention from the instructor at Collaborating Docs Masterclass, and so much more. If there was ever a shortcut to skyrocketing your business, this is it!

In the Masters Community You'll Have Access to: 

Inner Circle Access

Give and receive referrals with other members to help each other grow and scale your practices.

Private FB Group

Connect with successful Advanced Practice Clinician entrepreneurs and discuss anything & everything related to building practices.

Open Office Hours

You'll get weekly access to our lead instructor, Dr. Annie, so you can ask specific questions and get specific answers.

Job Openings

Get exclusive access to new career opportunities.  Full-time, part-time, and PRN jobs are posted regularly.

Premium Content

Access to exclusive instructional videos that will show you the tips and tricks you need to make more money and be more productive.

Network with Experts

Connect with fellow entrepreneurs who are successfully running their own private practices.

Imagine, as a member of the Masters Community, you will be able to:

 -➤  Expand your network to include the best Advanced Practice Clinician Entrepreneurs in the world.

-➤  Access the world's best educational content and networking opportunities.

-➤  Create a career with the freedom to practice medicine the way you want.

-➤  Get the personalized coaching + mentorship that every successful business owner needs.


Collaborating Docs Masterclass Graduates


Lifetime Access

  • Only available for those who purchase the Collaborating Docs Masterclass
  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Inner Circle Access
  • Job Postings
  • Premium Content

Non Collaborating Docs Masterclass Graduates


Lifetime Access

  • Private FB Group
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Inner Circle Access
  • Job Postings
  • Premium Content